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Some people see your dream through a keyhole, only clouds of smoke, others see it through a telescope; that tiny speck of sun peeking through reflecting hope. Much of one's success depends on perspective; seeing is believing. Contentment is maintaining a positive mindset in a negative climate. I choose to believe I am closer to what I dare to reach, that which is farther than the eyes can see. I am breaking through every barrier, overcoming the obstacles in my way. I am closer to the stars, that shine bright in the bleak moments of disappointment and despair; each failed attempt at launching this rocket ship. Still, I will leave the door open, give my heart room to grieve, and then breathe. I will not be deceived by short-sightedness. I will tend to my fields, prepare for the harvest. I will keep navigating through dense skies, the white lies, that seep Into my eyes, creep into my mind, doubt that i can fly; find a way to beat the odds. The lazy eyes, I will not follow, but leave behind. As for the blind, I'll leave a trail in braile, a light to trace; shooting star, a sign that I have found my place, the key to the safe; succeeded that which fought to destroy me, accomplished my dreams.

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