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I've been wanting to do this for a while now, start a blog. Not sure what I was afraid of, perhaps the mere fact that sometimes the world can be cruel, people mostly. I shouldn't care so much what people think, but I do. Character flaw I suppose. Im still learning that my voice matters and I am entitled to my opinion regardless of if people find it agreeable or not. I guess my major concern has always been offending someone or hurting them in some way with my words. I know the power of words and their influence, but I also know you cannot be responsible for a person's actions or reaction to them, only your own. But I am sensitive to conflict, yet have since learned it cannot be avoided. I trust in the human kindness of this world, see the good in people, and therefore believe I am safe here to share so I will give it a shot.

These poems and thoughts I will be sharing are more than just that, they are pieces of me. So despite my apprehension, the wanting to share and connect is a stubborn foe, disturbing my heart to the point I feel it necessary to pour out myself in words. Words I want to express here and bravely share my poets heart. And if you dare to step in the window of my soul and journey through the eyes of my dreams, support me, know that I am truly grateful for the opportunity to touch and know you.

Ive always had an affinity for people. A curiousness about where one is from, their background and life experience. It was not a curiousness in the way of nosiness, but a fascination with the human spirit. Most say Im a good listener. I follow that old adage "We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak."; so I listen more. As consequence, I've been called out for being "too" quiet. Some people find the quiet to be alarming, and need it to be broken or else they might go mad. But I like it, maybe a little too much. The quiet pulse of a river and breeze among forest trees is just more appealing to me than loudness and crowdedness like the streets of New York. Nevertheless, despite my introvertedness, I will sometimes venture out to populated places and people watch. I really do love people, although socializing can be draining at times, it is a sacrafice Im willing to make, to understand and love people more in the way I want to be loved. Still, it took some time to become comfortable expressing myself. My awkwardness in social situations veered me away from speaking. I am trying to change that now, other than just pen to paper, Im learning to open my mouth a little more and speak my mind.

So in closing this first post, I hope you find here through my poetry, short stories, and various posts, that I am but a human heart thirsting to understand self and others, in hopes of loving more deeply the world. Alas I will leave you with a poem I've written that describes me most. I sincerely look forward to our interactions.


She is the blossoming flower

as fragile as the paper to which she writes her soul

yet just as strong as the heart that frames each poem

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