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Fade to black

as a matter of fact

the history of life dates back to black (repeat twice)

First when you speak of migration

from nation to nation

from globe to globe

from land to land

from sea to shining sea

you'll see you speak of me

of the African man and woman

not brought in chains or chained to grief

but as astronomers, inventors, master builders, and chiefs

As the mystery unfolds

of what has been told

true history remains silenced

Fear shows its face

deceiving the human race

to keep minds locked

in false perceptions of reality

but as the drum beats

the heart of Africa awakens from sleep

the drum symbolizes the people

the drum symbolizes the land

the drum symbolizes the culture

the drum symbolizes the blood

oh that infinite drum beats to the heart of one

never ceasing

not even to death because death is not the end

only the beginning

So for the Martin Luther's

and Coretta Scott's

kings and queens

the dreamers that dream

with H.O.P.E. (having only positive expectations

this poem is for you

for the little girl in me

that grew up feeling unpretty

I am putting back together the pieces of my self-esteem

the bones shattered by sticks and stones cast down on me

my confidence is peaking now

from behind the veil of insecurity

I have learned to see me as a snowy mountain peak

breathtakingly beautiful

I dedicate my last breath and all before it

to finding comfort in my skin

the heart that beats within

learning to be kinder to me

love myself

It was a slow start to the race

but I persist and keep running away

from self-doubt and the idea that I am inferior

toward self-acceptance becoming my biggest cheerleader

instead of my biggest critic

To know that I am not less than simply because my melanin is poppin

but I am fearfully and wonderfully made by the creator of all men

the perfect shade

one made in the image of love

a work of art

for art is beautiful

and we are all works of art

we are all beautiful

so be beautiful

So I proclaim

I without blame and without shame

I'm black and I'm proud and I'll say it out loud

for once we were silence

now we echo loud

as the roaring sea

full of hope and full of promise


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