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"Darkness is light to a dreamer"

The above line is a six word story I penned while reflecting on my life. It hasn't been an easy road and even now I stumble nearly every day into the past, or across some unfamiliar terrain; each a stone that disturbs my heel and makes me question the path I'm on, I've taken, the choices I've made. I have always been a cautious person. I drive with two hands on the steering wheel and never eat while driving, or talk on the phone. I try my best to stay alert, prepared for the unexpected. Yet in life there are just things even the most prepared find surprising. While life and its unpredictability keeps things interesting, it can sometimes be frustrating, the not knowing. Life can be described as one big mystery, we are all just trying to find the pieces to our puzzles, the meaning of our journey. Still, the not knowing is frustrating, borderline enraging at times, at least it is for me. I am a person who can function in chaos if need be but my anxiety perfers order. I want to be "in the know" at all times, although I know that is impossible; all knowing is for God, and I am only human. So I have accepted that life is messy at best, there are many ups, downs, and turnarounds you will never see comming. It is by this understanding that I have learned that one of the best tools to combating life's unruliness is to have faith. For me, that faith is in God, and his promise that through good or bad, He will see me through and meet all my needs. Yes, I am a believer! A believer in God, a believer in the good of this world, a believer in myself, the list goes on and on. I find solace in believing, as a consequence I dream quite often, seeing what it is I desire and exploring ways of obtaining it. Right now I find myself in a difficult place, there are many obstacles in my way keeping all my dreams at bay. To be honest, some days I feel defeated. I straddle the fence between anxiety and depression, wanting to do everything and nothing at all, to get to where I should be. It is a war of the mind, but everyday I choose to live, I win. So I still dream as much as I can, for like the clouds, I find it is hope that keeps me afloat. Dreams to me are like tiny little stars that shine in the dark of all despair, and if I ccontinue striving, each will fall within my reach. My biggest dream is to impact the world in a positive way, to uplift the broken, make a difference. For if I am to be remembered let it be for kindness, for love.

So in closing, I will leave you with a poem and the wish for your well-being. Keep on believing, I believe in you, and whatever you are trying to conquer or achieve, you will. Just keep faith close and don't let go of your dreams. May you always find peace, find rest in them.


Slow drift

above earth

where clouds

give birth to stars

that shine to soothe

the human heart I yearn to rest

in fields of dreams

For what is

a sliver of light

in darkest night? to the lost

it is the way home

to the caged

it is the way out always

it is hope


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